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3 Solution for you when you meet material slippage while using feeder machine

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A feeder machine is commonly used in industrial production material conveying machinery. The daily use of the process of using the feeder will more or less encounter some problems, such as the feeder material slippage. Material slippage is a more common problem in using the feeder. It will cause the material is not delivered to the location, wrong location, molding parts crushed, unqualified, and a series of problems, affecting average production and reducing productivity. So when encountering a material slippage problem, how should we solve it? Feeder manufacturers to share with you can try to solve through the following methods.

Feeder machine 

These 3 reasons usually cause feeder material slippage problems:

1. Feeding machine pneumatic device cylinder management problems.

2. Leveling roller power spring pressure is not enough.

3. The material weight is too large.


So we can first check whether the machine has these problems and solutions. The solution is as follows:


1. If the material is too thick, it is easy to slip if it is not clamped. At this time, you need to connect another air pipe to the solenoid valve on the cylinder so that the cylinder produces thrust so that the feeder roller clamping tighter to avoid slipping, which can also be achieved by increasing the inlet pressure and increasing the cylinder pressure.


2. Check whether the feeder leveling roller power spring is qualified and whether the rebound force meets the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, it needs to be replaced with a new spring to increase the pressure.


3. In the case that can meet the feeder feeding speed, try to shorten the distance between the feeder and the straightening machine or material frame, and reduce the waiting area so that the weight of the material in the waiting area is reduced, thus reducing the load of the feeder and preventing the automatic punching machine feeder from slipping due to the excessive weight of the material in the waiting area.


Suppose you have tried the above methods but can not solve the problem of material slippage. In that case, you should contact the manufacturer or the relevant maintenance personnel to find a more professional solution.

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