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Automotive Stamping Parts————————————————————————

The automotive industry has great demand for metal stamping. In the automobile manufacturing process, very many parts require extremely high-strength metal sheets, especially automobile frame parts, such as hoods, doors, roofs, and so on. The straightening feeder of Dongguan Jieda Machinery can handle all kinds of high-strength coils well.

Electronic Stamping Parts ————————————————————————

The electronics industry has extremely high requirements for stamping parts, with small parts structure and varying material hardness. There must be a suitable leveling feeder to meet the leveling needs of different plates.

Home Appliance Stamping parts —————————————————————

Some household electrical appliances that people often use in daily life also have a wide range of applications for stamping parts of their products, such as air conditioner shells, refrigerator shells, computer case shells, etc.

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