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Application and selection of automatic punch feeder production line

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The automatic punching feeder production line can be used for mass production of various metal parts and has a wide range of uses. The common ones are auto parts stamping, motor stator and rotor stamping, mobile phone 3C industry parts stamping, shelf parts stamping, terminal connector stamping, kitchenware round Sheet stamping, etc., has the advantages of good precision, high stability and high efficiency of stamping products

Different stamping applications need to use different punch automatic feeder production lines. Dongguan Jieda Machinery will introduce the selection of production line automation equipment for these common uses.

1. Selection of auto parts stamping

Stamping features: large material belt range, thicker material, large feeding step range.

Common selection and matching: the combination of three-in-one feeder + automatic double-sided oil feeder + punch

2. Selection of motor stator and rotor stamping

Stamping features: The material is silicon steel sheet, the width of the material is narrow, the thickness is thin, and the large tonnage high-speed punch is used, which requires high speeds for uncoiling, leveling and feeding.

Common selection and matching: the combination of double-head material decoiler + S-type high-speed leveling machine + high-speed gear feeder + high-speed punching machine. At the same time, it can also be equipped with Dongguan Jieda Machinery Microcomputer Bottom Dead Point Detector to avoid false punching and high speed. Punch soundproof box reduces noise.

3.The selection of mobile phone 3C industry accessories stamping

Stamping features: narrow material width, thin thickness, short feeding step, usually low speed requirements, but high leveling and feeding accuracy requirements.

Common selection and matching: the combination of flat electronic feeder + precision leveling machine + roller feeder + precision punch

4.The selection of shelf accessories stamping

Stamping features: wide range of material materials, thicker materials, large feeding step range, usually not high speed requirements, low leveling accuracy requirements

Common selection and matching: the combination of thick plate two-in-one rack and leveler + thick plate NC servo feeder + large tonnage punch

5.The selection of terminal connector stamping

Stamping characteristics: narrow material width, thin material thickness, short feeding step, usually high-speed punching is used, and the finished product is a continuous strip.

Common selection and matching: flat electronic feeder + clip feeder + high-speed punch + horizontal light-controlled rewinding machine, and can be equipped with Dongguan Jieda Machinery high-speed punch soundproof box to reduce punching noise.

6.The selection of kitchenware wafer stamping

Stamping features: special feeding methods are required to save materials, and the waste after stamping is a continuous strip that needs to be reeled

Common selection and matching: two-in-one material rack and leveling machine + deflection NC servo feeder + deep throat punch + winder.

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