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The difference between a three-in-one feeder and a two-in-one feeder

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In terms of structure, the three-in-one servo feeder combines the functions of a roll stand, a feeding trolley, a straightening machine, and a feeder, which greatly reduces the area occupied by the previous feeding device and can work with the punching machine at the same time. The material roll mounted on the material roll rack is controlled by the sensor below the material roll. The NC feeder can be used to level one side and simultaneously send the material with a preset length into the punch die simultaneously. Although the two-in-one feeder has the function of straightening the feeder, it needs to be delivered separately, which takes up a larger area.

In terms of precision, three-in-one is better than two-in-one, because the three-in-one feeder enters the mold directly after leveling, while the two-in-one is first corrected and then fed. The leveling will still change after the material arc. Yes, although it does not affect the quality, the operation is still not so convenient; but if you send thin materials, the two-in-one is better than the three-in-one.

In terms of material width, two-in-one is more suitable for materials of 200-600mm, but there is no requirement for the width of three-in-one materials, generally 300-1800mm or even wider.

In terms of operating performance, the two-in-one usually takes more than ten minutes and requires more than two people to complete a feeding process, while the three-in-one can only take a few minutes from feeding, uncoiling, leveling to feeding. Complete a set of feeding process, high degree of automation, convenient and simple operation.

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