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The high efficiency of the three-in-one feeder creates high value

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The stamping automation production line composed of LMC series three-in-one feeder and precision punching machine produced by Dongguan Jieda Machinery Co., Ltd. is the world's top short-process stamping system. Its performance is extremely advanced, and it adopts a highly intensive compact structure and high efficiency. Uncoiling, feeding control, leveling optimization, precision feeding, grading adjustment, environmental protection and energy saving are integrated, simplifying the cumbersome process that originally required separate layout into a short-process automatic stamping process with three functions in one, realizing the advanced stamping production technology A major breakthrough, not only completely getting rid of the image of the previous stamping automation production line covering a large area and cumbersome operation, but also realizing the overall improvement of various technical indicators such as stable and reliable uncoiling, high leveling and feeding accuracy, and no gaps in the process.

Although, there are currently many three-in-one feeder manufacturers in China, but the material thickness is required to be less than 6.0mm, which is less than the Jieda Machinery three-in-one feeder, which lacks the feeding and leveling hydraulic pressure head device. This type of three-in-one feeder is used for thick plate materials, there are problems such as cumbersome feeding, manual assistance for feeding, and poor leveling and feeding accuracy, and the scope of application is greatly limited. Jieda Machinery has more than ten years of accumulation of feeder manufacturing, more than 30 years of engineering experience, more than seven years of special technical research, and finally achieved the "only" and "high-quality" three-in-one feeder of LMC Jieda Machinery Reputation.

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