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What Are The Advantages of NC Servo Feeder

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NC servo feeder, also known as NC numerical control feeder, is an automated equipment that uses a servo motor to directly drive the feeding roller through a synchronous pulley to achieve precise feeding. The feeding step distance and feeding times can be set simply on the touch screen. Complete, the CNC control system composed of touch screen, PLC, and servo motor can achieve precise control of the feeding roller to ensure high and stable feeding accuracy.

The standard electronic control system of NC servo feeder is Japanese Mitsubishi PLC, Japanese Yaskawa/Mitsubishi servo motor and driver, Taiwan Weilon 7-inch touch screen, and is equipped with a vertical test machine operating handle. Usually the feeding accuracy can be within ±0.02mm. At the same time, depending on the machine tool equipment, there are pneumatic NC servo feeders and mechanical NC servo feeders to choose from. Compared with the traditional old air feeder, it has four significant performance advantages:

NC Servo Feeder

1. The feeding step distance is not limited and can be set at will from 0 to 999.99 meters. It also has multi-stage feeding function. The traditional old air feeder has strict restrictions on the feeding step, but the NC servo feeder does not have such concerns. The use of the CNC system not only allows the feeding step to be set at will, but also has a multi-stage feeding function. , to meet the diverse stamping production process requirements.

2. The feeding accuracy is higher and the operation is easier. The operation settings of the NC servo feeder are basically completed through the touch screen. The precise control of the motor by the servo system ensures its high accuracy.

3. Low failure rate, easier maintenance and lower cost. The traditional old air feeder requires frequent replacement of seals. At the same time, it often suffers from air leakage and insufficient lubrication. Maintenance is very cumbersome. However, NC servo feeder does not have such problems. Maintenance is very simple. Usually, only the machine needs to be inspected. Simply wipe it off.

4. The degree of customization is higher and the scope of use is wider. The NC servo feeder can be customized with thick plate, high-speed, deflection, and thick plate high-speed models according to needs. It can be used with various machine tools such as punches, shears, hydraulic presses, laser cutting machines, and forming machines. 

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