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What are the types of punch feeders

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A punch feeder is an indispensable set of equipment for the unmanned automated production of punching machines at present. Jieda Machinery is a professional manufacturer of punching machine supporting equipment. Over the years, we have accumulated experience through continuous experience to adapt to different punch tonnage, stamping accuracy, and stamping speed. Waiting for the demand for the feeding machine, we have developed different models of punching machine feeders, such as roller feeders, NC feeders, clamping sheet feeders, gear feeders, three-in-one feeders, etc. Various punch feeders are available to meet the needs of various press processing production.

NC Servo Feeder 

We are constantly designing and researching to enhance and improve our feeder equipment for the punching machine feeding process problems. In addition to model variations, each generation of our feeder equipment improves and upgrades its appearance, performance, and stability. From the most economical air feeder to the industry's highest-end 3-in-1 feeder, we have grown from the low end for more than ten years. A perfect upgrade from equipment manufacturing to high-end manufacturing.


Punch feeder also developed from the traditional large flywheel punching machine with low speed and low precision feeding to high-speed feeding roller feeder, clamping sheet feeder, gear feeder, ultra-high precision feeding NC NC feeder, trinity machine models are complete, with many optional devices and a high degree of customization to meet the various production needs of customers.


It is especially worth mentioning that the highest-end three-in-one feeder we have developed independently is not only robust (has reached the top level at home and abroad), but also highly recognizable in appearance. The sheet metal structure of the body, the colorful artistic design of the professional punch feeder, the industrial aesthetic shape, the bright product appearance, the complex and fashionable lines, and the more stable atmosphere.


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