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Causes and solutions for material scratching when using a feeder

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Feeder when the stamping production of commonly used ancillary equipment, if you have experience in the use of feeder equipment, you may have encountered such a problem, the original use of a standard feeder after the replacement of material scratching situation. This is a more common problem in the use of feeders, this article, feeder manufacturers Jieda Machinery will share with you the feeder material scratching causes and solutions.

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Causes of material scratches on the feeder

1. material scratches caused by improper adjustment of feeding machine parameters.

2. The material itself is fragile and soft. The feeder is not suitable for the material.


High-speed roller feeders use a purely mechanical drive of the feed rollers to achieve the feeding effect. The relaxation effect of the mechanical punch rod is achieved by adjusting the pressure spring to vary the compression level.

1. check whether the material thickness adjustment is correct. If not correctly targeted, adjustment can be solved.

2. check whether there are foreign objects (iron filings, sand, etc.) inside the barrel of the feeder and whether there is a clean roller to solve.

3. The material is fragile and the material is very soft. This feeder replaces the packaged PU plastic barrel or converts it into the form of pulling material.

In addition, the principle of the air supply device is similar to the traditional syringe. It is powered by an external air source, which pushes the material held by the movable clamping plate through the drum to achieve an air supply. To keep the feeder in place, the movable clamping plate of the feeder requires a large clamping force. The clamping plate itself is cast iron. If the material is thin, softer materials (aluminum, copper, etc.) can easily cause material scratches during the clamping action.


When conveying thin and soft materials (aluminum, copper, etc.), covering the movable clamp plate and fixed clamp plate of the gold storage machine with the film will solve the problem. After. The CNC servo feeder scratches the material.

CNC servo feeder adopts a servo motor to drive the feeding roller through the timing pulley to realize the feeding action. The pressure degree changes by adjusting the pressure spring, and the relaxation cylinder pushes the upper roller to achieve the relaxation effect.

1. Check if the material thickness adjustment is correct. If the adjustment is incorrect, the target adjustment can be solved.

2. check whether there are foreign materials (iron chips, sand, etc.) on the feeding roller and whether there is a cleaning roller solution.

3. Check whether the upper drum loosening gap is too large and the pressure of the loosening cylinder is too enormous, causing the loosening action after the loosening is completed. When the roller clamping material, if adjusted to the cylinder, loosens the gap and relaxes the cylinder inlet pressure, it will cause the material to be scratched and deformed too much.

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