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Common problems and solutions of feeder machine

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With today's increasingly high labor costs, automation equipment is more and more manufacturers to deal with high labor costs pressure choice. A feeding machine is currently one of the more common industrial production automation equipment for punching machines and processing conveying materials. The use of feeding machines not only high precision, saving time and effort, but also can significantly reduce labor intensity and costs. It is a low-cost, high-return option for all manufacturers. However, since it is mechanical equipment, it naturally avoids problems, failures, and people will be sick. When feeder problems and failures occur, we should also learn to treat the symptoms immediately, repair problems, and restore average production. The following feeder manufacturer Jieda Machinery shares with you some of the common problems and corresponding solutions for feeders. I hope it can help you in your daily use of the feeding machine.

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1. Feeder can not start

Why: The power supply is not connected

Solution: Check whether the power supply is connected


2. When changing the feeder, the bar material can not enter the feeder

Why: The return time is too short, and the push rod can not be retracted entirely to the end of the barrel

Solution: Long press the "set" key, and then press "increase" to increase the return time, and then press the "set" key twice to return to the working state


3. The reason for the significant vibration of the feeder work.


. raw material is too curved

. raw materials are not chamfered

. misalignment of the center position



. Buy straight material as much as possible

. Chamfer the end of the material

. Re-type the center


4. Insufficient pressure of feeder


. hydraulic oil quantity is not enough

. Is the motor working correctly?

. Filter clogged

. Seal ring damage



. replenish the hydraulic oil

. Check the line connection

. Replace the filter element

. Replace the seal ring


5. No alarm or early alarm after filling the feeder


. pressure is not enough

. The position of the material tube is not right

. Is the motor usually working?



. Check the oil quantity

. Move the material tube slightly

. check the wiring


The above five points are more common feeding machine use problems. Of course, there are some other issues not covered above. If you encounter problems with the feeder that can not be solved, it is best to consult with the manufacturers of the equipment you buy to seek solutions. If you need to buy a feeder or other punching machine peripheral equipment, welcome to contact us. Jieda machinery can provide you with high-quality machinery and equipment and perfect after-sales service.

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