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Factors affecting the accuracy of feeder machine

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As a kind of automatic production equipment, the stamping feeder is widely used by stamping customers for its high precision, high stability, and multi-purpose features. It has gradually replaced air feeders and drum feeders as the leading feeding equipment in the industry. Stamping feeder manufacturing is an industry that pays great attention to efficiency and precision. The details are essential to achieve good accuracy, and often a poorly done detail can lead to various problems with the feeder. What are the factors that affect the feeding accuracy of the stamping feeder?

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1.The stamping feeder installation and commissioning, correct?

A punching feeder can only be used if installed on the punching and cutting machine. When the installation is not qualified, the feeding accuracy will be affected in the feeding operation. If the installation is correct, but the commissioning method is incorrect, the same will affect the feeding accuracy.


2.Stamping feeder electrical parts, good or bad

As we all know, the electrical part of the stamping feeder is mainly controlled by servo motors and operated by PLC. Therefore, the accuracy is relatively high. When the accessories used by the manufacturer are inferior brands or imitation products, the accessories are not of good quality and are not very accurate. How to use it on the equipment to achieve high accuracy. This is why the price of each house is different.


3.The mechanical part of the punching feeder

The mechanical part of each press feeder is made up of many spare parts. Small screws can lead to machine failure. Any small link can lead to a big mistake. It is more important to focus on large machinery and equipment in this machinery industry. It is assembled from individual parts one by one, and any damage to any part can affect the whole machine's operation.


Therefore, each part is made of different materials, and different materials will also affect the feeding accuracy. (For example, whether the gears are severely ground, whether the wheels are finely ground with steel wire many times, what is the thickness of the wall plate and what material is used all will affect the precision of the accessories). Suppose the quality of the equipment parts is not up to standard. In that case, the wearing parts need to be replaced frequently, causing downtime and affecting the economic efficiency of the user.


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