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Functional characteristics of the decoiler

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What is an decoiler

Decoiler is special equipment for sheet metal leveling. It is suitable for sheet metal and uneven plate leveling lines and can be composed of uncoiling, leveling, shearing, and other sheet metal product lines according to relevant configurations. decoiler is suitable for machinery, vehicles, metal products, household appliances, steel structures, decoration, and other industries.


Decoiler is one of the essential pieces of equipment in the welded pipe production line. On the one hand, its role is to support the steel coil by tightening the inner hole; therefore, the performance of the decoiler is essential for the whole production line. In years of design practice, the decoiler structure is constantly optimized and improved, and the performance of the decoiler is constantly improved.


The spindle of the decoiler has two roles: to drive the coil rotation and to support the tension of the coil. Tightening is usually achieved by pushing the tilting slider through the cylinders mounted on the spindle. Multiple cylinders are used for small units, and multiple cylinders are used for large units; rotation is usually achieved by a motor driving the spindle through a reducer.


The cylinder or cylinders mounted on the spindle must rotate with the spindle. The cylinder or cylinders need to be connected to one end of the working medium tube, and the other end of the tube is connected to the working medium tube. Middle pipe. Hydraulic station or solenoid valve.


The function of the decoiler

One of the functions of this unit decoiler is to uncoil the strip while maintaining the strip back tension. Another essential function is the automatic alignment of the strip under central control (CPC). Conventional continuous winding color coating lines are equipped with 2 decoilers. The alternating operation of the two decoilers creates the prerequisite for continuous production of the subsequent equipment of the unit.


The decoiler is a welded box structure, and the frequency-controlled motor provides the main power for the decoiler by driving the reel shaft after deceleration through the gearbox. The reel of the decoiler is a hollow shaft, supported by two bearings on the gearbox body, with transmission spur gears between the bearings. The gearbox adopts forced lubrication and is equipped with two constant-speed motors for a closed-loop oil lubrication system. The arbor is cantilevered, and external support bearings support its front end during unwinding to maintain the rigidity and stability of the decoiler.


The decoiler frame can be moved on rails in the decoiler base and is driven by a hydraulic cylinder, allowing for center position control. To enhance the stability of the reel, a support arm device is designed at the head of the reel. The cylinder drives the support arm to support the head of the reel when there is a steel tube on the reel, and the support arm usually retracts without affecting the rewinding of the steel coil.


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