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Heavy Decoiler blocking arm device

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The blocking arm device is one of the optional devices of Heavy Decoiler, mainly used to replace the blocking A-iron to block the material volume material limit and avoid the material volume in the uncoiling process Heavy Decoiler up and down on the barrel of the side slip. Usually, the material volume is more comprehensive; material thickness is very thick when added.

A Heavy Decoiler blocking arm device is located in the upper right of the material frame, including two blocking arm devices; the blocking arm device is set in the center of the material frame as the circumference of the circle; the blocking arm device includes an outstretched arm, blocking wheel, quality and reliable connection plate, second connection plate, third connection plate, quality and reliable connection rod, second connection rod, quality and reliable cylinder, second cylinder and third cylinder. One end of the outstretched arm is mounted on the uncoiling frame and extends out of the uncoiling frame, and a rotating arm is mounted at the rear end of the outstretched arm.

There are two blocking wheels installed on each outstretched arm, and there is a blocking space between the two blocking wheels; the blocking wheels include a mounting base, a mounting sleeve, and a front blocking wheel; the mounting base is slidably installed on the outstretched arm, the mounting sleeve is connected to the mounting base, the rear end of the front blocking wheel is located in the mounting sleeve through a bearing, the front section of the blocking wheel is conical or conical, the diameter of the end of the blocking wheel near the material frame is smaller than the diameter of the end away from the material frame. The diameter of the end of the stopper wheel near the material frame is smaller than the diameter of the end away from the material frame.

Heavy Decoiler blocking arm device outer blocking wheel and inner blocking wheel constitute the blocking area, pneumatic drive outer blocking wheel to do rising and falling action, inner blocking wheel does not move, only the width of the material roll direction movement, adjust the wheel surface of the blocking wheel to make it close to the side of the material roll, can effectively prevent the material belt in the uncoiler unloading process side slip.

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