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Heavy Decoiler price determinants

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Heavy Decoiler is the highest-selling discharge uncoiling equipment in the processing industry today. With the technological development of the uncoiler, the price of Heavy Decoiler today is not determined by the manufacturer but according to the objective factors of the uncoiler in manufacturing.

The price of a Heavy Decoiler is mainly determined by materials, processing technology, precision, assembly process, coating process, and other manufacturing. Today, many Heavy Decoiler manufacturers understand the benefits of low-cost materials, so they continue to reduce the standard of material selection. For example, the foot with I-beam instead of the industry-standard H-beam, and in the processing process and accuracy of the continuous cost reduction; uncoiler body processing using small machine tools instead of CNC machine tools processing; four-blade pallets tile plate without hard plating and grinding process, while in the uncoiler spraying, welding without surface grinding on. Such a manufacturing method can significantly reduce the production and manufacturing costs of Heavy Decoiler, but with it comes a severe reduction in quality. Heavy Decoiler load capacity is not up to standard, spindle tilt, four-blade pallet tile plate severe wear, machine failure frequently, and finally will seriously damage the interests of customers who buy.

Therefore, customers in the purchase of Heavy Decoiler pay attention to the price and look at the internal determinants, such as detailed consultation with the manufacturer uncoiler selection of materials, electrical components brand and origin, processing technology, and precision. After confirming good product information, then make the purchase.

Uncoiler in the production of processing technology and precision, the use of CNC machining center processing to ensure processing accuracy. There is also a special uncoiler process administrator to check whether the process is accurate. The four-blade tray tile plate and other wear-resistant parts for the strict heat treatment process, the surface by hard plating, and precision grinding treatment to ensure its wear resistance and surface smoothness.

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