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How the feeder machine works?

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What is the principle of a feeder? How does a feeder work? How to achieve stable feeding for punch press production! Nowadays, with the development of automation technology, the continuous improvement of manufacturing technology, and the increase of manufacturing capacity, traditional manufacturing, which relies on manual development, has been eliminated and replaced by fully automated production and automatic feeding equipment for punch press production has come into being. Many customers may not yet know how punching machines' feeder works and the principle.

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So what is the principle of the feeder, and how does it work? First, we can adjust the proper distance between the two slide holders by turning the adjusting screw according to the material width of the stamping material. Then the stamping material is driven by the second linear drive of the feeding device to drive the upper feeding roller away from the lower feeding roller and into the servo-driven upper and lower feeding rollers. The upper and lower leveling rollers cooperate to adjust the width and achieve material leveling.


The material enters the leveling machine to level and then enters the feeder. The width of the material is also adjusted by the elastic edge and then driven by the servo-driven rollers through the eccentric wheel in a smooth and orderly manner. The stamping material is processed according to the cycle time of one stamping. The material is fed into the stamping processing area. After the pressed coil is fed into the upper and lower feeding rollers, the distance between the front and rear of the upper and lower feeding rollers is adjusted with the eccentric wheel. After the adjustment is completed, the servo drive motor runs by driving the connecting rod to rotate, and the connecting rod drives the drive shaft to rotate back and forth. The drive shaft drives the lower rollers to rotate step by step through the one-way transmission device, and the lower rollers rotate synchronously with the upper rollers to make the raw material belt advance step by step.


There are many types of feeding equipment, such as stamping manipulators, three-dimensional manipulators, etc. We are talking about the stamping feeder for stamping production coils or stamping coil feeder, etc., ordinary manual roller type. Still, there are also computer-controlled NC servo feeders and a set of coil frames, a straightening machine, a feeding device, and three devices in one three-in-one feeder, but no matter what it is called, the main feeding method is the same. Punching machines can continuously produce auxiliary equipment to achieve stable and efficient stamping.


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