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How to safely use the punch feeder?10 tips from the feeder manufacturer

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       The feeder is the necessary auxiliary equipment for the automatic operation of the punching machine. This has different feeder equipment for different punching machine varieties, materials, and processing processes. Still, feeders inevitably have specific safety hazards when used as a kind of mechanical equipment. Feeder manufacturers share 10 safety operation tips for your reference to avoid safety accidents.

       1. Transmission parts such as the transmission device, pulley, flywheel, and lever should be equipped with a protective cover and exposed to the body and top of the machine.

       2. When the stamping equipment runs in a single stroke, there shall be no continuous strokes.

       3. Three tests (protective grounding, insulation, and voltage withstand test) are regularly conducted on the electrical system, and a test report is provided.

       4. The lock of the distribution box door on the stamping equipment should have a key, and the door's opening will automatically cut off the power supply.

       5. The upper part and both sides of the pedal should be protected, and the pedal should be non-slip.

       6. The power connection of the punch feeder should be standardized, and the cable of the equipment should not be damaged to prevent aging.

       7. The punch feeder must-have safety protection measures to prevent hands from entering the closed area of the die. Users should not sympathize with the type of punching equipment, the shape of the workpiece, etc., and the safety measures for punching operation, such as automatic access, installation of safety protection devices, safety dies, and use of special receiving tools, etc.

       8. When selecting continuous stroke operation, a pre-controlled action link should be set during operation.

       9. There should be a chain control between pedal operation and manual operation

       10. Single, continuous pedal punching and another operation switching should use the switch with a key lock.


       To ensure safe production and the above safety tips, it is more important to have good quality equipment. Jieda Machinery is a professional feeding machine manufacturer; if you need to order a feeding machine, welcome to contact us.

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