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How to use the feeder correctly

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A press feeder is a precision automated machine how to operate and uses correctly to make the most value out of the feeder. This is what our company needs to be aware of in our manufacturing operations. Many customers know how to use it to create value for their company. It will affect the life of the feeder over time. The maintenance and care of the 3-in-1 feeder is often overlooked. How to properly servo 3-in-1 feeder equipment in order to automate the feeder line and produce greater efficiency. Learn it together through this article.


The correct operation of the feeding machine only needs to follow the following 3 points.

1, according to the feeding equipment operating instructions, according to the instructions to install and use the equipment.

When we buy a new feeder equipment, we must follow the instructions for use. Install and test the equipment. If any problem occurs during testing, please check the instruction manual and contact the manufacturer to solve it. After the trial production is completed and the equipment feeder is put into normal operation and production, the equipment management personnel of the enterprise should make rules and regulations for maintenance and daily maintenance of the equipment. Supervise the equipment operator to operate the equipment correctly. Ensure that the operation is regular and the maintenance is well documented.

2. Regularly work on the equipment 6s

After the feeder equipment is put into use, due to the special operating environment of the yaw feeder, after a long time of use, the surface of the equipment will appear oil, dust, iron filings, etc., and even iron filings will fly into the equipment components. Cause equipment failure. Therefore, the feeder equipment regularly work 6s, the CNC feeder equipment must be carefully implemented workshop management. Develop a good habit of regular rectification, check on and off the machine to clean. It is worth noting the hazards of metal debris, once it falls on the circuit or electrical equipment, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance between components to drop, or even cause damage to components and circuits.

3, the circuit data box of the equipment for heat dissipation maintenance

Punching CNC servo feeding machinery comes with a heat dissipation system. It must be checked every day to see whether the cooling system of each cooling system of equipment electric cabinet is abnormally stopped. Regularly clean the dust on the filter. The 3-in-1 feeder has a unique thermal protection device. The servo control system will immediately generate an overheating alarm or the system will be stopped due to abnormally high temperatures to protect the CNC system from damage. The common method of opening the electrical cabinet to dissipate heat is highly undesirable. Not only is there a risk of electric shock, but it also tends to cause debris to fall and long-term exposure will accelerate damage to electrical parts.

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