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Operation and work flow of the uncoiler machine

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The uncoiler machine has a simple structure. The heavy standard material rack comprises a frame, a material rack, tiles, a motor, a reducer, an electric box, etc. the overall structure is compact, and the floor area is small. It can further improve the production efficiency through a reasonable arrangement of wires and equipment.

Before stamping, the metal coil needs to be uncoiled by the uncoiler machine before being fed to the punch with the feeder. How does the uncoiler machine work?

uncoiler machine 

Operation process of the uncoiler machine:

First, the speed of the standard equipment is fixed at 15m/min. After the operator places the coiled material on the material rack, turn on the power supply, and turn on the automatic and forward rotation knob to start working. The material will be uncoiled with the rotation of the material rack and stop when the uncoiled material length reaches the stamping conditions. The induction rack controls the start and stops of the material rack at the front end of the material rack.


Workflow of the uncoiler machine:

1. when feeding, ensure that the longitudinal uncoiler machine burr at the edge of the steel strip is upward.

2. after feeding, the orientation guardrail shall be installed on the feeding rack first. Then the steel strip welding points shall be smoothed with an angle grinder (pay attention to the angle when uncoiler machine and grinding with an angle grinder).

3. the uncoiler machine is equipped with two reels, one in the standby position and the other in the feeding position. The steel strip shall first enter the standby position and then transfer from the standby position to the feeding position. When raw materials are transferred from the standby position to the feeding position, the positioning device shall work normally. The positioning device shall be pneumatically controlled, and the pneumatic pressure shall be maintained within 5-6kgf/cm2.

4. before feeding the material into the looper, check the brake pressure of the uncoiler machine, and the brake pressure shall be controlled within the range of 3-5kgf/cm2.

5. when the first coil begins to enter the looper and the second coil is to be delivered, it shall be butt-welded first. Before butt welding, the tail of the first coil and the head of the second coil shall be cut off with a cross cutter to make the head and tail parallel.

6. after the head and tail uncoiler machine, the steel strip shall be pulled to the welding bench, And start the oil cylinder control valve to press the material head and tail to ensure that the weld is parallel.

7. when welding steel strips, a carbon dioxide gas shielded welding machine is mainly used for welding.

8. after welding, the welding quality shall be checked. The following aspects shall control the welding quality:

A gap of 1~1.5 times the thickness of the steel plate shall be reserved between the head and tail of the two coils of steel strip.

Check the steel strip's upper and lower welding conditions to ensure that the steel strip is fully welded.

 ③ When the weld bead height exceeds the plate thickness, it shall be ground flat with an angle grinder. Uneven grinding of the weld bead will cause certain damage to the forming machine and serious mechanical failure of the forming machine, such as shaft bending, bearing seat cracking, etc.

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