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Servo feeder applied to shearing machine feeding line

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A servo feeder applied to the shearing machine production line can make the shearing machine automatically shear to produce various coils and realize automatic production. The servo feeder shearing production line mainly includes four processes uncoiling (feeder), material leveling (leveling machine), feeding, and discharging. It is commonly used in auto parts, hardware parts, household electronic and electrical parts, etc. Mold industry.

NC Servo Feeder

A servo feeder is used in the production process of the shearing line. The material is released and unrolled by the material rack. The precision leveler levels the material to eliminate internal stress. Then the sheared material is transferred to the shear processing area in an accurate, stable, and orderly manner for production.

Servo feeders can transfer different material thicknesses, widths, and lengths according to the product requirements when in use. Details we said in "What is CNC Servo Feeder," you just need to set the parameters through the feeding servo control touch screen. Easy and fast operation, accurate and stable feeding, and a wide range of optional devices and customization options to meet customer needs. Modern, versatile, and efficient production requirements.

Servo feeder application shear production line fundamentally solves the problems of high danger, poor cutting size accuracy, low production efficiency and low productivity in traditional manual feeding and shear production. Over the years, Jieda company produces 3-in-1 feeder, CNC feeder, leveling machine and other punching and shearing machine feeding equipment, if you need to purchase high-quality servo feeder, welcome to contact the professional servo feeder manufacturers - Jieda.

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