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Several positions of the feeder that need to be adjusted after the material change

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Servo feeder often needs to change different materials for production according to different stamping products in the process of use. Because of the different materials conveyed, the servo feeder needs to be adjusted to achieve the best conveying condition. So after the material replacement, do several positions of the feeder need to be adjusted? What are they?

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1. CNC roller servo feeder stop wheel width scheduling

Servo feeder in stamping different products, the raw material's width may differ. At this point, we must adequately arrange the spacing of the blocking wheel so that the width of the blocking wheel and the material match. Turn and loosen the retaining wheel fixing screws, clamping the material when it enters the head at right angles to the stamping die, then adjust the retaining wheels on both sides to the proper position on both sides of the material, then lock the retaining wheel screws to fix it.


2. feeder after prolonged use and high intensity, the motor drive belt will loosen or wear, need to replace

Belts such as loose must be adjusted in time to avoid slippage in the transmission. First, loosen the fixed wheel screw of the compression belt, tighten the fixed wheel to the correct pressure and then tighten the screw. This also applies if you need to replace it. Note that the belt should not be too tight. Otherwise, it will shorten the service life of the belt.


3. Adjustment of feeding height of CNC roller servo feeder

When replacing the stamping die, the height of the lower die of each stamping product may be different. At this time, the CNC roller servo feeder must be adjusted according to the height of the lower die. The lift plate on the back of the feeder has a particular adjustment position. First, loosen the 4 fixing screws of the fixed peg plate (adjustment, do not loosen all), then fix the fixing nut on the lifting screw, loosen, and adjust the screw to the corresponding height according to the current height of the lower die (counterclockwise down, clockwise up), after adjustment, use the screws on the feeder peg plate to lock the adjusting screw nut.


4. CNC roller servo feeder compression force adjustment

Servo feeder in stamping products, due to different materials and thickness of raw materials, the need to adjust the compression spring to achieve the appropriate pressure. Adjustment of the pressure will cause material deformation, and the stamped products will not be used. If the pressure is too low, the drum will not be able to hold down the material, resulting in slippage and the inability to convey the material accurately. The staff only needs to adjust the two pressure springs at the top of the feeder. Rotate clockwise to increase the pressure and rotate the pointer to decrease the pressure.


5. Three-point combination, air pressure adjustment drainage

Feeder after a prolonged use time, a three-point combination needs to adjust the air pressure by turning the knob and draining the water pressure regulator within the three-point combination. Adjust the air pressure required for the feed rollers to remove the water. Press the button below the water collection bucket to drain the water.


Although sometimes in the replacement of materials without adjusting the servo feeder also seems to be able to feed normally, but that may happen to replace the material with the last batch of material is closer in all aspects, to ensure the quality of production and the everyday work of the equipment, each time after the replacement of materials on the servo feeder to do an excellent job of checking and adjusting the above points is still very necessary.

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