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Structural characteristics of Heavy Decoiler

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Heavy Decoiler as vertical up and down uncoiling equipment is widely used by processing production enterprises. Still, most production enterprises only know its simple operation and know nothing about the structural principle of Heavy Decoiler. Such users may use it, but the maintenance of the uncoiler is often challenging to do, and some minor faults can lead to a series of failures.

To ensure that users are familiar with the mastery of Heavy Decoiler structure to facilitate later operation, use, and maintenance. Today, this article will introduce the structure and characteristics of Heavy Decoiler.

Let's get to know it!

A Heavy Decoiler comprises four functional components: frame, drive device, up and down, and electric control system.

1. The main body of the Heavy Decoiler is made of welded steel plate, long-distance bearing pivot, welded surface, and polished. After annealing treatment, the box body is welded, then use CNC machine tools to process the bearing holes.

2. Motor and worm gear reducer are arranged on the base inside the box, and the transmission is realized by the worm gear reducer on the belt, the belt pulley, and the rotating shaft.

3. Heavy Decoiler up and down device is drum-shaped; the drum includes a rotating shaft. One end of the rotating shaft is set with a screw hole; the rotating shaft is equipped with a sliding sleeve, and the end of the sliding sleeve is set with a rotating adjusting bolt. Adjustment bolt and screw hole, sliding sleeve circumferentially set rotating connected with several rotating rod, the other end of the rotating rod rotating connected with the pallet tile plate, the shaft is set with a guide baffle, guide baffle is set with a guide waist hole, pallet tile plate end is set with the waist hole with the extension block, both sides of the extension block are set with the guide baffle to fit block, using the block to prevent the pallet tile plate relative to the waist hole left and right sliding.

The Heavy Decoiler can realize the adjustment of the distance from the pallet to the spindle by adjusting the amount of the bolt in the screw hole to better adapt to the placement of various inner diameters of the material rolls, as well as to better tense the pallet and the inner ring of the material rolls.

4. The heavy-duty uncoiling machine control system is arranged on the side of the machine, which consists of an electric control box and induction bar (induction frame for models above 500). The electric box is composed of an AC contactor, transformer, time relay, intermediate relay, switch button, etc.; the induction rod is fixed on the side of the rack outlet of the heavy-duty material frame through the edge mat, which is connected with the time relay and intermediate relay in the electric control box through the induction line and controls the induction opening and closing of the machine.

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