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Structure and characteristics of double head decoiler

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In the plate processing industry, punching machines, shearing machines, hydraulic presses, and other machine tools play a role in the continuous processing and forming of heavy metal plates. First, the sheet material needs to be wound into a barrel-shaped coil, and then the professional Double Head Decoiler is used to release and uncoil the material. Finally, the material coil is reasonably subjected to the controlled step of evolutionary transport, mainly for the subsequent processing production process.

However, the heavy-duty cooler commonly used in the market is a single-station structure. Its structure is motor-driven by a rising and shrinking reel to put material uncoiling, a material volume after the need to re-use the entire production line to stop, and then reload the material for debugging. Because of its slow operation process, low efficiency, thus leading to the entire processing line operation products lower.

To fundamentally solve the impact of single-station heavy-duty cooler loading on the processing efficiency of the production line. To improve the processing production efficiency, we use a duplex uncoiler, which has two reels to carry the material rolls. While one reel is being loaded, the other reel is being loaded. A simple rotation will complete the material change process when the reel is finished. Its simple, stable, and fast production mode has dramatically improved the efficiency of the processing line.

A duplex uncoiler is also called a double-headed work roll machine. The mainframe, spindle, motor, the high volume, and the electric control device composition. The spindle, motor, and up and down reel device in the mainframe. The motor is connected with the spindle through the belt drive device, thus driving its rotation.

The Double Head Decoiler is set up in a turntable type control device, which is conducive to realizing the production and loading switching between the control of two up and down reel devices. The turntable control device will switch control after rotating to the corresponding position with a rotatable turntable. Thus, when a rise and shrink reel device is loaded, it will carry out the production operation on the production line. The other rise and shrink device can be loaded and stored, thus significantly improving the utilization rate of the Double Head Decoiler. At the same time, it also dramatically improves the production efficiency of the processing line.

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