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What are the solutions for the unstable speed of servo feeder?

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A servo feeder is one of the supporting equipment for the punching workshop, mainly used for conveying materials, which is very helpful to reduce the burden of labor, improve efficiency and reduce the occurrence of accidents in production. A servo feeder, as a mechanical device, in the production process over time will always encounter some problems. Today we will focus on the servo feeder speed instability problem and its solution.


Servo feeder speed instability is the feeder in the process of conveying plate speed is not stable. This problem can easily affect normal production. Then how to solve it?

servo feeder 

1. External air pressure is too high or insufficient. CNC servo feeder needs a stable air source to achieve fast and stable slack. Three-point combination pressure gauge needs to be adjusted to 4.5kg/cm2. Treatment: Check whether the three-point combination pressure gauge is damaged, and adjust the compressor pressure.


2. There is punching oil on the feeding roller. To prevent long-term friction and temperature rise between the material and the die, the stamping oil is usually applied to the material before it enters the die. If punching oil enters between the feeding rollers, the feeding is inaccurate. In this case, clean and wipe the feed rollers.


3. The feed height is not correct. Punching machines often need to be paired with several sets of dies, and the height of different dies can be different. Now, you need to adjust the feeding height of the feeder after the mold change. The feeder will appear skewed and uneven if the adjustment is incorrect. Processing method: Adjust the feeding height of the feeder to keep it horizontal and vertical with the mold.


4. The setting speed is too fast. Due to the limitation of the response time of the electric control system, high-speed feeding is not possible. Generally, the maximum feeding speed of a pneumatic is 60-120 times per minute (the specific number of times depends on the thickness and step of the material), and the maximum feeding speed of the machine is 150-200 times per minute. If the punching speed is higher than this, it will not be able to keep up and cause the wrong material to be sent.


5. The punching dies itself has errors or no material edge blockage. If there is a problem in the design and production of the punch die itself, it will also lead to unstable feeding distance. At this time, you can't use the feed first but use manual feed to test the product and confirm whether the problem is in the die itself. If so, change the die to correct it. Can.


6. wrong feeding time setting. Different molds have different requirements for the feeding time of the CNC servo feeder. If the feeding time is set too late, it will lead to underfeeding. In this case, you need to readjust the feed signal cam angle of the punch.


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