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What is a straightener? straightener Machine Buying Guide

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The function of the straightener machine is to eliminate the internal stress in the metal sheet, improve the flatness of the sheet, and avoid the adverse effects of the internal stress and flatness on the quality of the stamped products.

Working principle of straightener machine

The straightener machine used in stamping production is roller-type straightener equipment. The principle is that the staggering straightener rollers are used to continuously bend and press the sheet several times so that the deformation of the sheet is continuously reduced to obtain a flat and stress-free sheet.

How to buy a straightener machine?

The core of flattening machine purchase is to find out the material, material width, material thickness, material thickness when the material width is large, material width when the material thickness is large, and flattening accuracy requirements, and then refer to the table of flattening capacity provided by the manufacturer to purchase.

What should I pay attention to when purchasing a straightener machine?

1. Before purchasing, you must first determine your material properties (material, material width, material thickness) and straightener accuracy requirements, and determine whether you need to have a margin and then in the target selection.

2. if the material thickness is suitable for several straightener machines, then note that usually, the more branches of the straightener roller, the better the straightener effect.

3. the addition of a frequency converter not only can achieve the straightener machine debugging function but also can reduce the material jitter.

4. For thin aluminum and copper materials, you can choose the straightener head lift-off model, which easily cleans the straightener roller and achieves a long-term high-precision straightener.

There are many types of straightener machine models. Customers who have questions about the selection can always contact Jieda Machinery sales staff or customer service, we can also provide online tech support, We have perfect after-sales service, you don't have to worry about after-sales problems after purchasing the equipment, because we can all for the perfect solution.

How can I buy high quality and reliable straightener machine? The easiest way is to contact Jieda Machinery directly. We specialize in producing and developing punching machine peripherals with reliable quality and have cooperated with many famous brands, such as BYD Auto.

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