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What is decoiler? Everything you need to know

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What is a decoiler?

A decoiler is an automatic coil handling machine. The main objectives of a decoiler include unwinding the coils, feeding them, and adjusting the amount of end material to regulate the line's capacity. decoilers can continuously feed coils into a variety of operating machinery. For example, automatic punching machines or almost any roll forming machines such as press curve roll forming machines and channel roll forming machines, slitting machines, cutting machines, levelers, and sizing machines. In these coil handling processes, the decoiler is an integral part of the fixed-length cutting and feeding line.


Why use a decoiler?

The decoiler is preferred throughout the industry because it can be used for almost all types of web feeding, very commonly a decoiler with a straightener. It offers an inexpensive solution for light-duty, uncoiling applications. Some decoilers have speed control systems and automatic (or manual) steering capabilities in different directions. Standard stop systems used in decoilers are friction or pneumatic. decoilers vary in size and load capacity. The operator should determine the following material factors to select the most appropriate decoiler.

- The weight of the web

- Inside and outside diameter of the web

- Width of the web

- Minimum and maximum thickness

- Speed of the roll forming machine or other downstream running machines

Operators can use the decoiler to significantly reduce changeover times. Without a decoiler, they may have to make 6 to 8 or more line changes per day, depending on the size of the coil. Always leave the second coil on the line waiting to be fed to the machine running downstream, thus eliminating the urgent need for a crane to load material when the previous coil is out of material. As a result, decoilers play a crucial role in various roll-forming lines, especially in high-volume lines where roll-formers can run in 8-hour shifts to form the product. In such cases, geared decoilers can effectively reduce operator downtime.

Unwinder construction

The essential components of a decoiler include a motor-driven payoff, proportional resistance brake, hold-down arm, wheel or disc holding arm, coil guard, base traverse, and spool decoiler. The power payoff utilizes an electric motor to supply material at the line or spot speed. The brake helps the decoiler control strip tension as the coil decreases in diameter during processing. The positioner arm is usually a single-wheel positioner attached to a mandrel. After loading the coils, the retainer arm requires the operator to clamp them to the segment. The coil guard is the component that holds the coil clock spring to prevent the strip of material from striking a worker walking on the backside. As for the uncoiling element, the single center shaft spool decoiler allows the decoiler to handle the spools instead of the bare coils. The spool decoiler can also be replaced with an expansion system. This critical component increases coil changeover time and allows the operator to handle the material safely and efficiently.

How does the decoiler work?

To start the coil handling and feeding process in the decoiler, the coil is placed on a device called a coil carriage. The raw material will be loaded into the mandrel, and the assembly will unroll the sheet to feed it into a cut-to-length line or press. A machine arm, usually driven by pneumatic pressure, will hold the tip of the material at the beginning of the uncoiling process. The carriage carrying the coil can be moved to a specified position on the decompiler's track, usually driven by a hydraulic motor. The mandrel, which holds the coil firmly, is also powered by the hydraulic system. 2 photocells and ultrasonic sensors regulate the entire coil circuit.

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