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Why NC Servo Feeders are Better than Roller Feeders

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There are many different types of feeding equipment in the automatic press feeding industry. CNC servo feeders and roller feeders are also two common types of equipment. We will explain in detail what NC Servo Feeder is and how many customers in the press feeding market prefer to use it. What is the reason for the NC servo feeder instead of the roller feeder? Take a look at why the UE NC servo feeder is better than the roller feeder!

NC Servo Feeder

1. CNC servo feeder has an advantage in the feeding range of the roller feeder

When customers choose a feeder, they generally choose according to their stamping equipment requirements. Yoyi roller feeder has a smaller application range and is generally only applicable to stamping presses with output shafts. Not only that, there are special requirements for the width of the material but also for the feeding steps. For example, when the feeding material is more significant than 500mm or the step is more extensive than 300mm, the requirements of the feeder cannot be met.

NC feeders and servo feeders are different. They can be used with all punching machines. In addition, they can be used with hydraulic presses, shears, and other processing equipment. There is no restriction on the feed width, and they can be customized to fit the punching process per the production requirements of the punching machine, thus offering a wide range of applications.

2. NC servo feeder is more accessible to operate than roller feeder

NC servo feeder adopts a PLC control system, servo motor, and digital touch screen operation, setting the feeder step and adjusting parameters with a simple operation on the screen. However, the roller feeder uses mechanical transmission to control the drive and feed, which requires tedious steps when adjustments are needed and requires a higher level of professionalism from the operator.

CNC servo feeder has more advantages than the roller feeder, but the roller type structure is relative to the price. It does not use the motor, servo control, and other electronic components. The price is also much lower, and CNC servo feeder equipment Youyi company uses imported servo control system, servo motor, etc. Still, in the long run, although the price is not high, the NC servo feeder's feeding accuracy is stable, saving labor costs. More suitable for the long-term development of business needs. Therefore, how customers choose the feeder also depends on the actual needs.

In the era of increasingly high labor costs, automated equipment will gradually replace manual so that NC servo feeders can save labor costs. Higher automation can be more advantageous than the tremendous demand for human resources roller feeders. If you would like to save some labor costs for your production line and purchase high-quality NC servo feeders, don't hesitate to get in touch with Jieda Machinery.

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