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Structural features and routine maintenance of decoiler

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       As a kind of industrial production equipment with a wide range of uses, I believe that many manufacturers know the operation method of the decoiler. If they do not know, they can also check the articles we have shared, "Operation and work flow of the uncoiler machine“. However, they do not know the structural characteristics of the decoiler.

       Understanding the structural characteristics of a decoiler is very helpful for the maintenance of the decoiler. Regular and appropriate maintenance can help maintain the standard and efficient operation of the decoiler and avoid various minor faults delaying production. Let's learn about the structural characteristics of the decoiler and the maintenance of its components.

Jieda decoiler machine 

structural characteristics of decoiler

① The base of the decoiler is also of international type. In re-treatment of H-type foot dryness, most manufacturers choose I-steel for treatment. The main body of the machine body is welded with steel plates. In the whole welding process, the welded surface must be fully polished. After the box is welded, it has more stress after annealing. In this case, the CNC machine tool is used for machining.


② The motor or turbine reducer arrangement can be shown on the base in the cavity, and belts and other means will drive the turbine reducer.


③ All the expansion and contraction devices of the decoiler are drum-shaped, which covers the rotating shaft. One end of the rotating shaft can be provided with more screw holes, and other devices can be applied to the entire sliding end, which can effectively adjust the bolts, adjust the fit of the bolts and screw holes, and even effectively connect the other end of the entire rotating rod to other places.


Maintenance of the decoiler

1. maintenance of main shaft bearing

During the maintenance of the main shaft bearing of the decoiler, it can effectively bear the load. Good lubrication is essential. They will directly affect the service life and operational efficiency of the decoiler. Because it is used for a long time, a layer of grease should be added next to the main bearing every month to ensure good sealing. Only in this way can the final operation be outstanding.


2. maintenance of reducer

The oil in the reducer of the decoiler should be changed every six months, and at least all the oil should be added to 1/3 of the place.


3. maintenance of driving belt

Check the drive belt device of the decoiler motor, check the tension and wear of their belts, and constantly replace the motor belts when necessary.


4. electronic components

Conduct practical inspection in full accordance with the safety of the decoiler and relevant rules and regulations. Check the condition of the decoiler box and the entire electrical parts to avoid wire breakage or poor contact damage, and repair the generator fault in time.

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